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December 1: Comet ISON

  December 1: Comet ISON  
  Comet ISON  


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Comet ISON is a unique comet. For billions of years it orbited Sun at a distance of nearly a light-year as part of the Oort Cloud, until, perhaps a million years ago, it was knocked from its distant orbit by the gravity of a passing star. In November 2013 ISON raced towards the Sun where its icy core began to melt. A world wide campaign was made to study the comet.

PROBA2 conducted three off-point maneuvers as the comet passed the Sun, making use if its large field-of-view and flexible pointing capabilities to capture unique images of a unique comet.

Although PROBA2 didn't see it in the end, there's still plenty to be learned.