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P2SC News

SWAP and LYRA data gaps expected on May 6, 2018

UPDATE: the scheduled maintenance of PROBA2 took longer than foreseen and the solar instruments were not yet turned on. We now expect that the data gaps for SWAP and LYRA will continue until May 7.

The SWAP and LYRA instruments will be turned off during the morning of May 6, 2018 due to a scheduled maintenance of the PROBA2 spacecraft.

LYRA and SWAP will stop acquiring data around 23:40 UT on May 5 and, if all goes as planned, will resume their normal operations at 06:30 UT on May 6. 


PROBA2 Partial Eclipse Observations - 15-Feb-2018

A partial solar eclipse was visible on 2018 February 15, in the southern part of South America, including many locations in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, as well as in Antarctica. The eclipse was visible from some areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as well.