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December 3: PROBA2 Eclipses

  December 3: PROBA2 Eclipses  
  PROBA2 Eclipse  


Click on the above image to learn about how eclipses are useful for LYRA

Click here to see a movie of another eclipse observed by PROBA2



A couple of times a year PROBA2's view of the Sun is obscured by the moon, producing beautiful eclipses, similar to Solar eclipses seen from the Earth. The LYRA radiometer observes those eclipses in its four broadband channels. LYRA observes the radiation of the whole Sun, and as the Sun is increasingly obscured by the Moon, the signal measured by LYRA decreases. Conversely, as the Moon appears to move away from the Sun the signal increases again. This decrease and increase of the solar signal can be seen above, and by clicking the image you will see a movie of an eclipse as observed by SWAP.

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