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December 23: SWAP/LYRA Flare Detections

  December 23: SWAP/LYRA Flare Detections  
  SWAP/LYRA Flare Detections  


Click on the above image for a link to a movie showing simultaneous SWAP/LYRA Flare Detections



Flares are extreme events during which a huge amount of energy is released. We've already presented some of these events in our PROBA2 calendar (see days 7, 9, 14, and 19). While they have significant impacts on the Earth environment, they have not yet revealed all their secrets and remain a major investigation topic for solar physicists.

PROBA2 has two instruments ideal for observing solar flares, the SWAP EUV imager (the lower images in the above figure) and the LYRA radiometer (the upper images). LYRA is able to create whole sun light curves in four UV bandpasses. This makes it particularly useful for tracking the signatures of flares. The above image and attached movie shows the dynamic nature of the Sun, with a series of flares occurring in varying solar active regions. Each flare can be seen as a brightenning in SWAP and a spike in the LYRA light curve. More information on flares and their distinctive light curves can be found here and here